Now we can train and prepare you ONLINE
with Live Online instructors on a one to one basis.
We are so happy to offer you a great and affordable way
to gain the prestigious Certified Manager (CM) certification.
Become a Certified Manager with our Live, Online, One to one training.

Learn more about our LIVE Online One to one training and preparation program for your CM Certification

Do you face the problem of not having enough time to travel and learn in the classroom?
Do you have trouble focusing during self-study sessions at home?
Do you need assistance in preparing for your CM Exams?
Do not worry anymore! We have solved the problem for you!

Now we have a top quality , LIVE Online One to one CM Certification training and preparation program, fully approved by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM).

When we say LIVE Online One to one, we mean that a qualified, experienced and ICPM approved instructor will be training you only personally online.

You will be able to listen live and ask questions in real time. Just like you do in a normal class. It is like having your own personal coach.

Our LIVE Online One to one CM training makes it so easy for you to get trained, get certified and get recognized. You can do it at the comfort of your own place without stress avoiding the inconvenience of travelling and time wasted in traffic jams. We will be paying attention to yourself and your needs and questions only and not dealing with a whole class at the same time.

We provide all these at a really affordable investment representing only a fraction of the tuition of an MBA.
You will be learning from the comfort of your own home or office on a PC, MAC, or mobile device, eliminating the time and inconvenience of traveling to a training site. We will be offering you short, 45 minute, interactive sessions using the very same material used in formal traditional classes.

Our LIVE Online One to one program will accommodate your busy schedule no matter where you are located in the world, making LIVE Online CM Training an efficient and effective way to learn and get your CM Certification.

What is a typical LIVE Online One to one session like?

Our LIVE Online One to one CM Certification Program uses the very best online training technology. Our Sessions are specially designed to foster engagement and collaboration by employing a blend of discussion, polling, quizzes, application-based exercises, and more! Additionally, all sessions are recorded for asynchronous viewing so you can review them.

What is the cost of our LIVE Online One to one Certification Preparation and what does it include?

Our LIVE Online One to one Certification Program includes the same high-quality training materials used in ICPM’s CM classroom programs, LIVE, instructor-led training, final exams, and material shipping, all at a fraction of the cost of an MBA!

Your investment for your preparation for your Certified Manager Certification

Your Investment cost: €2,350

The package includes:
CM application fee
3 CM official ICPM study books
3 CM certification exams
Access for exam practicing in the official ICPM e-Learning Center
60 minute interactive live one to one sessions for each chapter
Free one hour preparation session BEFORE each exam

How do I enroll in the LIVE Online Certification Program?

You can enroll and pay online up to one week before the agreed beginning of your program. We will take care of your payment to ICPM, ordering your materials and have them sent to your address.